Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what our clients have to say about the Smart Hob system.

We always use the Smart Hob - they are so much faster. Just pin them down and it’s done...It’s a really simple system that saves heaps of time.
— Jerry from Eltrax
When Kosta Concreting & Formwork are asked to supply hobs to any of our concrete construction projects, we only use SBS pre-fabricated products.

The quality and huge range in sizes means that we can be confident in providing a finished product for the builder that is second to none.

When quality and service is spot on….why go anywhere else?
— Darren from Kosta Concreting
Prior to commencing structure works at 2-4 Station St Caulfield our client was faced with a common problem in today’s construction industry.

A very tight construction program.

Fortunately SBS Group was there to help us cater to our clients needs, they recommended we use SBS Smart Hob. The result was far beyond our expections, it enabled our company to hand over floors much sooner, shaving 8 days off a very tight construction program. It also enabled us to reduce our costs by 50% purely allocating less labour to the tasks and quicker installation times. We were amazed at how quick and easy the product is to install.

All our sites are now running faster than ever thanks to this fantastic product.
— Kris from MPA Construction
It’s awesome, it’s a great product, we love it.
— Ben from BPM Corp a rule we are probably doing it in half the time that it would take to do it with conventional formwork. You also end up with a hell of a lot of strips of ply that get thrown out at the end of a job.

The other good thing about Smart Hobs is that they don’t damage the slab on the outside of the hob because they are held down internally. Conventional formwork always leaves nail holes in the slab when its stripped.

We can do Smart Hobs in half the time with half the man power. …It’s a good product and we love it.
— Darren from Kosta Concreting