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10 Outstanding Architectural Features using Concrete (Yes, Concrete)

If the use of concrete to create an architectural feature doesn’t inspire you, think again.

Here’s 10 outstanding projects that prove concrete can be and is used for more than just foundations, driveways and walls:

The Church of Santa Maria Assumpta - Spain

Using concrete, the architects were able to create this simple yet effective chevron-patterned wall facade. Credits to architecture studio Gimeno + Guitart.

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SkelETHon - a 114 Kilogram concrete canoe

This all-concrete boat used 3D-printed moulds to create the skeletal framework, gaining it the first prize for design innovation at the Concrete Canoe Regatta in Germany.

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The National Archives Preservation Facility – Canberra, Australia

Using slanted panels of precast concrete, architects May + Russell designed the facade to catch and dawn and dusk sunlight. The raised edges of the 3D facade create a stunning pattern of shadow and light for commuters passing by the building.

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MARS Pavilion – Palm Springs, California

This is the world’s first robotically built concrete pavilion!

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Jubilee Church – Rome

Designed by Pritzker Prize–winning architect Richard Meier, concrete-clad shells were used to achieve this “three sails” feature for the Jubilee Church.

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National Museum of Brazil

Using reinforced concrete, curves and arches were created to form the structure of a planet half hidden in the ground. A pool then reflects the other half of the planet. Designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

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Bicentennial Civic Center - Córdoba, Argentina

Made entirely out of concrete, the building’s faceted prism uses triangles to create light and shadows across the facade.

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Niigata City Konan Ward Cultural Center - Niigata, Japan

Defying straight lines and right angles, Japanese architect Chiaki Arai worked wonders with concrete, creating a sculptural effect throughout the cultural centre.

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Selvika National Tourist Route, Finnmark, Norway

With the structure made out of concrete, this walkway was created to magnify the experience of walking from the roadside to the sea by blending in with the surrounding landscape.

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Edithvale Wetlands Discovery Centre – Melbourne, Australia

Inspired by the surrounding urban and natural environments, the facade was brought to life through the use of GRC. Approximately 40 panels of varying sizes were used to create the intricate and complex details.

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That’s just 10 of the many examples we found from around the world, using concrete to create inspiring and architectural features.

Do you want more inspiration? Here’s one more project:

Starward Distillery - Port Melbourne, Australia

Starward Distillery – this project used the Smart Hob system to create a raised water barrier system, matching the industrial style of the distillery and separating the processing areas from the public spaces.

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