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5 Reasons You’ll Save Time and Effort with a Prefab Steel Hob Formwork System

Traditional hob formwork is time consuming and labour intensive – which is why many project managers are making the switch to pre-fabricated hob formwork systems. When you choose a permanent steel hob system in place of manually forming up timber hobs on site, every step of the process is faster and easier – which allows construction teams to complete formwork in half the time and with half the labour.

So how can you be sure a permanent steel hob system is the right choice for you?

In this article we’ll share five important ways pre-fabricated steel systems can reduce the time and effort involved in forming hobs on your next construction project.

1. Faster and Easier Installation

On a typical multi-storey project, conventionally forming up your timber hobs on site can take four or more days – but when you use a pre-fabricated system such as the Smart Hob system, you can get the job done in half the time. Installation of prefab hob formwork is simple and eliminates some of the steps required in the traditional method. Once you’ve marked out your slab, steel hobs can be pinned using a ramset gun or similar. Plus, there’s no need to strip and remove nails after the concrete is set which saves you significant time and effort.

2. Speed Up Your Handover of Floors

Steel hob formwork installation can be completed in half the time of timber, meaning you can hand over your floors to follow-on trades faster. This keeps things moving on site and equates to additional time (and cost) savings on the overall project.

3. Less Replacements and Waste

While timber form ply tends to warp easily, steel hob systems are straight and true. This means you don’t need to spend additional time, money and effort on patching or replacing warped form ply. When you choose permanent steel prefab hobs, you’ll have less waste and less hassle.

4. Pre-Measure Openings and Facades Earlier

Another great feature of a pre-fabricated steel system is that unlike timber hobs, you can pre-measure windows, doorways and facades off the hob framing before it is filled. This overlap keeps things moving on site and speeds up the process for follow-on trades.

5. No Stripping, Patching or Cleaning Required

With preformed steel systems, there is no need for stripping or patching of hobs once set. You also won’t need to clean them, which cuts out a huge chunk of the time, labour and effort you’d normally put in with traditional site-built timber hob formwork.

Permanent Steel Hobs Deliver Huge Time, Effort and Cost Savings

With rising costs and increased pressure to get the job done faster, builders and project managers are always on the lookout for better and more efficient ways to build.

When it comes to hob formwork, the Smart Hob system has been proven to cut installation and labour by half when compared to traditional on-site timber methods. This delivers clear and significant savings in time, effort and costs, which is why they are now the hob formwork system of choice for many builders, formwork and concreting companies.

So, if you’re not already using prefab steel hob systems, what are you waiting for?

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