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7 Apps for Construction Project Managers That Will Save You Time and Keep You Organised On Site

When it comes to managing a large construction project, anything that saves you time and helps you stay organised on site is a bonus.

That’s why a growing number of project managers are using mobile apps and software to simplify and streamline processes. From basic apps that help you improve safety and keep track of information, to complete solutions that enhance the way you manage your projects from start to finish, here are our top 7 picks.


Keeping track of who’s on site is easy with the SignOnSite management platform. After defining the boundaries of your site, your team will be automatically signed on or off via their smartphone. You’ll have accurate real-time information of exactly who’s on site at any time and can access archived records in an instant. The app also allows you to deliver digital site inductions and communicate critical information in seconds. This makes it easy to inform the entire team of any safety issues, changes to schedules or even an evacuation.


Developed by SafetyCulture, an Aussie startup founded in 2004 in a Townsville shed, iAuditor has grown to become a leading inspection checklist app. Used in over 80 countries around the world, it allows your team to perform paperless inspections on site and share reports instantly. You can convert your existing paper checklists or spreadsheets or use the template builder to create customised forms in minutes. You’ll also have access to a huge library of templates uploaded by others, which can be a big time-saver. Photos, GPS coordinates and additional notes can also be added to ensure your inspections are thorough and detailed.


Another great app from the SafetyCulture team, Spotlight makes it fast and easy to report hazards, near misses and safety issues as they happen. Reports can be made in a few simple steps, without the need to fill in a mountain of tedious paperwork. The right people can be notified with all the details immediately, which means action can be takes to resolve incidents without delay. The app also highlights any patterns in the data, which helps you take steps to prevent future incidents occurring.


Aconex is a cloud-based platform with an impressive list of big-name clients and over 6 million users worldwide. It’s a project-wide solution that allows you to add, share and update a huge range of information, including drawings, workflows, reporting, reviews, 3D models and more. This simplifies communication with large and diverse teams and allows any variations to be viewed and approved fast to avoid unnecessary delays. Plus, all documents relating to the project are easily accessible for improved dispute management and a smooth handover.


If you’re looking for a better way to manage your projects on the go, the Kontrol4 project management platform could be ideal. The app (which was formerly known as Vertical Matters) puts everything in one place, so you can clearly see how your project is tracking against time and budgets. You can set milestones to help you stay organised, assign and complete tasks and share a range of files including photos and technical documents with others on your team.


Red Cross First Aid App

An absolute must for anyone working on site, the Red Cross First Aid App is a comprehensive pocket guide of the most up to date first aid and CPR information. It’s free to download and includes clear instructions with images and videos, plus interactive quizzes to refresh your first aid knowledge. If there is ever an injury or emergency on site, this app gives you the confidence to respond appropriately.

Emergency +

Construction sites can be large, and if an emergency occurred, it can be difficult to explain your exact location to the 000 operator. With the Emergency + app, you can see where you are by address and GPS coordinates, which means the help you need will reach you faster. Developed by Australia’s emergency services, the app is free to download and displays the right numbers to call in a range of different circumstances.

Final Word on Time-Saving Apps

While the construction industry has been a little slow in embracing the benefits of mobile apps, they’re now becoming an essential time-saving tool for project managers.

There are millions of apps out there, so you’re bound to find an app that can solve a problem or make your job easier! Be selective and look for apps that offer real value, and will help you stay organised, increase productivity and improve safety for you and your team on site.

This article from the team at SBS Group is all about saving time and staying organised on site. As manufacturers of pre-fabricated framing systems, we are always striving to find new and innovative ways of building that will increase productivity to improve project profitability on building sites.

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