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[CASE STUDY] Spring Malvern

Project / Spring Malvern
Location / 1220-1224 Malvern Road, Malvern
Floor Count / 4

Using the Smart Hob system, the hob formwork process is twice as fast.

Permanent steel hobs were fabricated and delivered direct to site for this 4 level project. Once in place and filled with concrete, there was no need to return to strip timber ply, remove nails and patch the hobs. Straight and true hobs also result in the advantage of no warping or bending when hobs are set.

To achieve faster installation and 100% accurate results, the Smart Hob system is the reliable and simple alternative to conventional hob formwork – a tried and tested product with over a decade of installations and satisfied clients.

Smart Hobs…easier, smarter and faster.