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How are you BUILDING SMARTER to keep ahead in today’s construction industry?

As we are all aware, the construction industry does not stay long in one place.

With the architectural landscape changing, architects are moving ahead, designing new concepts and dimensions in building and construction features. We are increasingly forced to think and build smarter to achieve productive results, while transforming images from the drawing board to the completed project.

That’s why, here at SBS Group, we are trained and dedicated to the BUILD SMARTER system.

This is what our building smarter approach means to us:

We strive to design, fabricate and engineer alternative pre-fabricated systems with the concept of building smarter. Our challenge is to meet the expectations and demands of the builder, contractor and architect while still achieving a viable, easier and productive solution. Reducing costs for our clients is a paramount objective for SBS Group.

You might be building but are you building smarter?

With construction costs rising, traditional and conventional building methods that are often inflated and time consuming, are now being challenged with ongoing innovative and new concepts that aim to streamline and simplify the way we build.

Construction is a multi-faceted innovation. There is always going to be multiple ways to build and construct. The challenge for us today is to find the smartest way – we all know that slow and tedious construction methods are only going to hurt the bottom line and budget and impact on our ability to deliver our projects on time.

As involved in the pre-fabrication industry, with continual innovation, experience and persistence, we have proved that off site methods are transforming the construction industry – achieving results that were once considered too complex or challenging to attempt.

A recent example of this is the RMIT Bundoora Student Accommodation project – the 4000sq2 five level multi-faceted facade was designed, shop detailed, pre-fabricated, pre-clad, pre-glazed and installed within an extremely tight deadline of approximately just 12 weeks – without the use of any scaffolding.

An interesting quote from Warran McGregor, now CEO of PrefabAUS, sums it up well:

“It is no longer whether prefabrication makes sense or not on a project, but rather how much and which prefabrication elements should be incorporated.” Source: Thinc Insight, The Changing Face (and Place) of Construction

What do you think? How are you building smarter in keeping ahead of the constant changes and trends of today’s construction industry?

Find out more about our BUILD SMARTER system here or get in touch by calling us on 1300 782 950 to discuss the ways in which we can achieve smarter results together for your next project.

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