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November Round-Up – The Construction News You Might Have Missed

As 2017 comes to a close, there’s no slowing down in the Australian design and construction industry. In fact, Metro Melbourne’s crane count is the highest it’s ever been!

Catch up on some of the latest news you might have missed throughout the month of November by following the links below:

Its A Record! Metropolitan Melbourne Crane Count November 2017

Anyone thinking Melbourne’s construction activity is slowing may want to consider the all-time high number of tower cranes currently in use across Melbourne.

This current instalment of the Urban Melbourne Crane Count sees 165 in use, propelled by strong commercial construction activity and the propensity of many smaller-scale builders to employ tower cranes across projects which in the past have not warranted such units.

The takeaway point of this count is the rise and rise of commercial construction activity, heralding the beginning of another peak in the commercial construction cycle.

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7 Major Projects Add $12bn To Brisbane’s Economy

A wave of major development and infrastructure projects coupled with an improving economic outlook promises to create increasing employment, tourism and commercial real estate opportunities in Queensland’s capital.

Since the global financial crisis, Brisbane’s commercial real estate market has been in a state of healing and, according to a new report, there are brighter days ahead.

Commercial real estate services firm Cushman and Wakefield have forecast that the greater Brisbane economy will grow by 16 per cent over the next half-decade.

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World’s First Train On Wheels Hits The Road In China

The world’s first rail-free driverless autonomous train successfully completed its first test run in Central China’s Hunan province, Zhuzhou.

The 30 metre, three carriage train was designed by Chinese transport manufacturer CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, and runs on rubber tires rather than rails.

The train can move at a speed of 70km/h is powered by electricity and can travel 25 kilometres with a 10-minute charge, and 40km per full charge.

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Australia Must Break Through Prefabrication Barriers

Ask many Aussies about prefabricated homes and they will conjure up images about substandard stock from the 80s or 90s noted for its lack of character.

They probably won’t think of Australia’s first carbon positive house or Lend Lease’s 10-storey Forte apartment complex in Melbourne.

That raises questions about what is holding modular construction back.

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Increasing Jobs, Migration & Housing Affordability Aligning to Spur Boom

A new report by CBRE Research has found that the fundamentals of an economic boom in Queensland are present and that all signs show that a growth spur could be around the corner.

The report finds that white-collar employment growth along with the house price differential between Brisbane and Sydney are two key variables that drive large waves of interstate migration to Queensland.

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Four Australian Projects Recognised At The World Architecture Festival 2017

An “extraordinary” post-earthquake house in a Chinese village has won the prestigious World Architecture Festival Building of the Year – and four Australian projects have been recognised at the 2017 festival held at the Arena Berlin in Germany.

The festival is held over two days, 15-17 November, with the overall winners announced at the closing gala on Friday night. This year, the closing gala was held at the Postbahnhof in Berlin, a major hub of the railway mail traffic from the start of the 20th century to the end of the Second World War.

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Australian Construction Workers in Massive Demand

Skilled construction professionals are in massive demand throughout Australia as record levels of building activity feed through to record levels of employment within the sector.

This follows the release of ABS data in September which put the number of people employed throughout the construction sector at a record 1.168 million (seasonally adjusted).

This means the sector has added more than 100,000 workers to its payroll over the past 12 months alone.

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