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September Round-Up: Australia’s Construction Pipeline, Top Construction Companies and 6 New Jobs that May Exist in 2036

September was all about the numbers. Australia’s construction figures, the top 100 construction companies, 10 digital innovations disrupting the construction industry, 10 of the best construction apps and 6 new construction jobs that may exist in 2036.

Enjoy a round-up of some of the most popular articles we found around the web last month:

A State-By-State Look at Australia’s Construction Pipeline

CoreLogic’s construction figures for July estimated that the value of construction entering the pipeline in July was $21.7 billion.

Here is a brief construction update, state by state, courtesy of CoreLogic’s Cordell Construction Monthly data for August 2017.

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10 Digital Innovations Disrupting The Construction Industry

Technology has permeated every segment of the workplace, bringing distinct advantages such as increased productivity, lower costs and a competitive edge in the marketplace. Like any other industry, the construction industry has at its disposal, a range of digital tools that can improve processes during planning, construction, delivery and beyond.

Interestingly, the construction industry lags behind other domains in the adoption of technology. A recent study describes construction as one of the least digitised industries. With capital projects often taking longer and costing more than originally planned, there is a massive opportunity for those who embrace new technology to reduce this gap, improving efficiency and boosting their bottom line.

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Senate Inquiry Calls For Total Ban On Flammable Cladding

Cladding on Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital will be removed following tests that revealed the material was more flammable than previously thought.

The news comes amid a Senate inquiry into non-conforming building products in the Australian construction industry.

The Senate committee tabled an interim report earlier this month that recommended the Australian government implement a total ban on the importation, sale and use of Polyethylene (PE) core aluminium composite panels (ACPs) “as a matter of urgency”.

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10 Best Construction Apps Of 2017

While the disruptive impact of digital technology in construction is still mostly speculative, technology is playing an increasing role in the economy as a whole. Tradespeople need to be well-versed in the use of apps and tools that boost productivity, quality and safety. Being tech-smart is no longer optional.

According to JBKnowledge, 79 per cent of construction firms consider the use of apps an important part of their day-to-day work. Whether you’re a contract or project manager, in-charge of onsite construction or simply looking to streamline processes there is likely an app that can make your life easier.

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The Robots Are Coming! Six New Construction Jobs That May Exist In 2036

The world of construction is facing a period of significant disruption. Several studies have suggested technologies could automate up to 75% of jobs in the coming decades.

Where other industries have evolved and adopted technological disruption at a much faster rate, the construction industry has lagged behind — continuing to rely heavily on traditional manual labour.

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Designed To Move: Why Melbourne Needs To Get Active To Keep Its Title Of World’s Most Liveable City

This year’s worldwide Liveability Index, developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit, crowned Melbourne the World’s Most Liveable City for a record-breaking seventh win in a row, in a coup for the City of Melbourne council and its residents.

Melbourne was recognised for its low crime rate, quality of infrastructure and accessibility, and, of course, the impressive diversity and richness of culture and environment, which both residents and tourists alike are quick to champion.

No city is perfect however, and it’s important for everyone, not just urban planners, to better understand the impact the built environment can have on people and economies.

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Who Are Australia’s Top Construction Companies?

The HIA-Core Logic Construction 100 Report 2016/17 has revealed Australia’s 100 biggest players in the development and construction industry.

The report presents an in-depth analysis of the engineering construction, non-residential building, and apartment sectors and ranks the largest 100 companies operating in these sectors.

Probuild was revealed as the nation’s most active construction company during 2016/17.

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